Arlington Heights Village Logo and Branding

The Village of Arlington Heights conducted a Village Logo Refresh Project, resulting in a modernized Village Logo that began to be implemented in March 2024. Residents can expect to see the new logo on printed and digital communication from the Village, as well as represented throughout the community.

Village Logo Refresh 2024
The Village's previous visual brand identity was expanded into multiple logos for various uses over the years; however, staff identified the need to create a unified Village brand, including a refreshed Village logo, that is easy to read, easy for use when printing, and is easily identifiable as the Village's official logo.
multiple logos 2024 - Copy

The concept of the Village's Logo Refresh is a modern version of the Village Seal (3rd picture from the left on the top row above).  The refreshed logo includes established colors that are already associated with the Village of Arlington Heights and proudly communicates the Village's rich history since its incorporation in 1887. 

Slogan: Village of Good Neighbors
Additionally, the Village's slogan was updated from "City of Good Neighbors" to "Village of Good Neighbors" to better reflect Arlington Heights' identity as a Village. 

Tourism and Branding: Take It To the Heights!
The Village's tourism and marketing brand changes periodically and is used to promote the Village of Arlington Heights as a destination for guests and new businesses. The Village's 2024 Tourism and Branding campaign "Take It To The Heights!" replaces "Discover Arlington." This logo and slogan will be used on marketing and advertising materials, as well as on the Village's Take It to the Heights Facebook page

discover to take it to the heights - CopyAdditionally, the new Tourism and Branding campaign is informed by the same color scheme as the Village's new logo. This intentional color choice further reinforces the overall visual brand identity.

Village Logo and Tourism Brand Usage
The Village logo and tourism logo are for use exclusively by official Village purposes. The logos are trademarked to safeguard distinctiveness and to ensure its sole usage within authorized contexts. For requested use of Village logo and branding, email [email protected]

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