Arlington Alfresco Begins April 29, 2022

Arlington Alfresco Returning Annually Beginning April 29, 2022
Posted on 12/15/2021

At the Village’s Committee of the Whole Meeting on Monday, Dec. 13th, the Committee approved staff’s recommendation for the annual return of Arlington Alfresco, in downtown Arlington Heights. Arlington Alfresco will return in 2022 beginning April 29th and ending September 25th.

Arlington Alfresco is an open-air, pedestrian friendly, outdoor dining concept, which was first introduced in the summer of 2020, to provide additional outdoor seating for restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its creation was the result of an “explore all options” approach taken by staff, when identifying ways to support local businesses. After a popular first year in 2020, Arlington Alfresco grew in popularity and welcomed even more guests and visitors in the summer of 2021.

In order to maintain the Arlington Alfresco experience, it will cost an estimated $90,000 annually. To help off-set these costs a 0.75% Food and Beverage tax has been recommended for restaurants that are located within the Alfresco Zone. This equates to 75¢ per $100 spent. Funds collected will support the costs of fencing, maintenance, safety blockades, signage, staff services, and more.

We look forward to seeing you in at Arlington Alfresco this spring!

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