ComEd Construction Project

ComEd Upgrade Project in Arlington Heights
Posted on 10/21/2022

ComEd has notified the Village that they will be upgrading the distribution system in several neighborhoods in the Village of Arlington Heights, from 4 kV to a 12 kV primary circuit. The scope of this project has been split into two phases: overhead & underground construction. 
In the first phase of the project, ComEd estimates about two hundred (200) pole locations in the impacted neighborhoods will be upgraded. The scope of work on these poles includes existing pole replacements/removals, new pole installations, electrical work on existing mounted equipment, anchor and guy replacement/installation, roughly 25,000 feet of overhead wire replacement, tree trimming, overhead equipment replacement/installation, and other various forms of overhead work.

FAQ's regarding ComEd Construction Project 

Where will this work be taking place? 
Four different neighborhoods will be affected during construction. Please see the maps of the areas below. 
location 1
comed location 2
comed location 3

comed location 4

Will anyone experience outages when this project is going on?
Some residents will experience outages towards the end of the project. ComEd and Intren will work with the customers (residential and commercial) to arrange the outages, so they are fully aware of when they will happen. 

Will customers be notified if work is taking place near their property?
ComEd has sent out notification letters to make residents aware that work will be happening in the area and they may have workers in the yards. Once the Village receives a schedule of the work, we will notify the residents again. Also, since tree trimming is needed in several yards, the Veg Management team will be contacting residents to discuss the trimming that is needed and to get consent. We always try to notify residents as much as we can, so the crews don’t have delays from people that don’t want to provide access, because they didn’t know they were coming. We may not be able to provide the exact day the crews will be around, but we can give shorter timeframes.

If there is work being done either in front of – or behind someone’s home, how could that impact a resident? Will any streets be closed?
Since the work in each yard is different, the impact will be different as well. Usually, the impact is crews and machines in the rear lots. Residents generally are not blocked from entering and exiting driveways. If there is such a situation, we will work with the resident to accommodate them as much as we can.  We don’t expect streets to be closed, but there will be trucks parked in the area.

Who should residents contact if they have more questions?
Contact the ComEd Project Support Team 630-576-6200.