DEI Position Statement

Board to Vote on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Position Statement on March 1
Posted on 02/26/2021
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At its March 1 meeting, the Village Board will vote on a recommendation to approve a diversity, equity and inclusion position statement that was part of a report submitted by the Village’s consultant, The Kaleidoscope Group. 

If you were unable to join the virtual meeting on the Board’s discussion of the report, please click here to view the meeting.

The proposed position statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion reads:

The Village of Arlington Heights supports a welcoming environment for all by fostering an inclusive work force, providing fair and equitable access to, and delivery of, all government services to all community members of Arlington Heights, and developing opportunities for employees and community members to reach their full human potential to the greatest, appreciable extent. Embracing diversity in Arlington Heights is recognized as leveraging the differences and similarities of all people, respecting those differences, and valuing an inclusive environment to live, work, and visit.

Diversity in Arlington Heights means respecting and welcoming all individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and cultures to include (but not limited to) each individual’s culture, nation of origin, race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity, and ability. This commitment to diversity is the foundation for building and maintaining a high-quality workforce, government operations, and community inclusion in these processes. Diversity and inclusion are core values and strategic imperatives that build and support the strength of the Village of Arlington Heights as a community and government. 

All members of the Village, including employees, leadership, and community members have responsibilities to work collaboratively with one another to foster an environment where all employees and members of the community who engage with government feel included, valued, and respected. The Village of Arlington Heights’ diversity initiatives are applicable, but not limited, to policies and strategies on government operations, employee recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits, and professional development and training. These practices are the benchmark of doing the work of government in Arlington Heights and encourage fair and equitable practices in support of respectful communication, collaboration, teamwork, achieving work/life balance, and continual efforts that promote greater understanding and respect for each other and the community we serve.

The Kaleidoscope Group was hired by the Village in 2020 in an effort to meet one of the Village Board’s Strategic Priorities of “Find new ways to embrace diversity within the Community and Village Government.” The role of the consultants was to focus on the Village Government as an employer and as a service provider. 

The consultant’s report includes 15 recommendations for the Village to consider that could help improve Village policies and procedures. This report is just one part of the Village’s broader effort to address diversity, equity and inclusion issues within the community and organization.

The Board will review the recommendations of the report at future meetings.