Dog Tag Registration Online

Dog Tag Registration Available Online
Posted on 10/04/2021

Annually, vehicles stickers and dog tags must be purchased by January 1st. In October of each year applications are mailed to residents who purchased licenses in the prior year. Completed applications can be mailed to Village Hall along with the applicable fee, and the vehicle stickers or dog tags will be returned by mail. 

Payments for these purchases cannot be completed over the phone. You must make purchases through the online portal, by returning the registration information mailed to all residents, or in-person at Village Hall. 

A resident has 30 days to purchase a registration dog tag when relocating, or after adding a new dog to the family. Dog tags purchased after the 30 day period will be subject to a $10.00 / $30.00 late fee.

If you would like to purchase your vehicle or dog license online you will need a credit card and all the information required on the Vehicle Stickers & Dog Tags Application. You can purchase on-line through the State Treasurer’s E-Pay website. No additional service charges will be assessed on this transaction. Your vehicle stickers and/or dog tags will arrive by mail within one week.