Fall Leaf Program and Collection Reminders

Fall Leaf Program and Collection Reminders
Posted on 10/31/2022
The Village's Fall Leaves 2 for 1 Program begins the week of Oct. 17th and ends the week of Dec 12th, with the final pick up day scheduled for Dec. 16th. (See the Arlington Heights Groot Customer Page

During this time, residents only need 1 sticker for every 2 bags of leaves set out for collection on their regular collection day.

Stickers are sold at the following locations: 
  • Village of Arlington Heights | Village Hall 33 S. Arlington Hts. Rd. | Arlington Heights
  • Arlington Heights Senior Center l 1801 W. Central Road, Arlington Heights
  • Mutual Ace Hardware Buffalo Grove | 745 Buffalo Grove Rd. | Buffalo Grove
  • Sherwin Ace Hardware | 1705 Campbell | Arlington Heights
  • Jewel | 122 Vail | Arlington Heights
  • Jewel | 440 Rand Rd. | Arlington Heights
  • Jewel | 1860 Arlington Hts. Rd. | Arlington Heights
  • Jewel | 333 Euclid | Mt. Prospect
  • Jewel | 3000 Kirchoff Rd. | Rolling Meadows
  • Neradt Ace Hardware | 1753 W. Golf Rd. | Mt. Prospect
  • Mariano's Fresh Market | 802 E. Northwest Highway | Arlington Heights
  • Mariano's Fresh Market | 545 N. Hicks Rd. | Palatine
  • Tony's Finer Foods | 1241 N Rand Rd | Prospect Heights

Do Not Blow or Rake Leaves Into the Street

Raking or blowing leaves into the street from a resident’s private property or the village’s parkway violates Village ordinance. 

If street sweeper crews reasonably identify leaves as having been intentionally placed in the street, they are instructed to go around those piles of leaves. Notices may be delivered to residents asking them to remove leaves they may have placed into the street. Raking or blowing leaves into the street creates a hazard for the entire neighborhood. Leaves can possibly clog street drains during a rain storm and a leaf-covered street can create a slippery road surface.

It’s important that residents with landscapers remind crews that they cannot place leaves into the street. Residents are responsible for the work their landscaper does. If a landscaper blows leaves into the street, it is the resident’s responsibility to remove the leaves.

Additionally, fall leaves contribute a significant amount of phosphorus to urban storm water, which then runs off into waterways and lakes. Excessive amounts of nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen can cause eutrophication, or the depletion of oxygen in water, resulting in death of aquatic animals and the pollution of local water ways. 

Please contact Public Works at 847-368-5800 to report violations.