Garbage, Recycling, and Yard Waste 2022

Garbage, Recycling, and Yard Waste April 1, 2022 - March 31, 2023
Posted on 04/01/2022
Below is information regarding the Village of Arlington Heights' contract with Groot Recycling & Waste Services, Inc., April 1, 2022 - March 31, 2023. 

For detailed information please visit:

Solid Waste Collection Highlights

  • Unlimited Weekly Collection of Household Waste
  • Landscape Waste Must Be Stickered. Subscription  Programs Available – Details Enclosed.
  • Free Online Bill Pay at and Auto Pay Program with a credit card – Call 800-244-1977

Hours of Collection

7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. All solid waste (refuse, recycling and landscape waste) must be at the curb for collection no later than 7:00 a.m. Groot will not return to collect items that were not at the curb at 7:00 a.m. Items may not be placed at the curb before 7:00 p.m. the day before collection, April through October, or before 4:00 p.m. November through March.

Rate Schedule April 1, 2022  - March 31, 2023

  • Curbside Service $17.70
  • Back Door Service $29.61
  • Curbside Service - Seniors $15.05
  • Back Door Service - Seniors $25.17
  • Curbside Service - Low income/ disabled $8.85
  • Back Door Service - Low income/ disabled $14.81
  • Curbside Service - Active Military $15.93
  • Back Door Service - Active Military $26.65 

Holiday Schedule 

Service will not occur on the holidays listed below (or on the recognized holiday date) and collection will be delayed by one day for the duration of the week. 

  • Memorial Day: Monday, May 30th
  • Independence Day: Monday, July 4th 
  • Labor Day: Monday, Sept. 5th
  • Thanksgiving: Thursday, Nov. 24th
  • Christmas: Sunday, Dec. 25th recognized Monday, Dec. 26th
  • New Year's Day: Sunday, Jan. 1st recognized Monday, Jan. 2nd 


Single-Sort Recycling Program Unlimited recyclable materials are collected. Materials do
not need to be separated. Visit the Groot website for a list of recyclable items and how to prepare them. 

●  Place all recyclable materials into your recycling cart.
●  Flatten all corrugated cardboard boxes and paperboard/ chipboard in 2'x2' sections, and remove any non-paper packing material.
●  Materials that exceed cart capacity may be placed in a
paper bag beside the cart.
●  Contact Groot to replace a damaged or lost cart

Landscape/Yard Waste 

Landscape Waste Bags
Landscape waste may be placed in two-ply, 30 gallon, biodegradable paper land scape waste bags. Bags must not weigh more than 50 pounds each. Tape must not be used to close the bag because it will not compost.

Landscape Sticker Program
Residents can purchase landscape waste stickers from local retailers and apply the stickers to bags or bundles of landscape waste. The stickers are $2.54 each.

Landscape Waste Bundles
Brush and small limbs may be tied into bundles with biodegradable twine. Bundles must not exceed 4 feet in length, 2 feet in diameter, or 50 pounds. Limbs must not exceed 6 inches in diameter.

Logs greater than 6 inches in diameter will be disposed of as refuse. No sticker is required. There is a 1 cubic yard limit.

Sticker Return
Stickers left over at the end of the season may be used for the next landscape waste season. Please do not return unused stickers to area merchants. 

Landscape Waste Subscription Program $137.99/season
Residents may subscribe to the program which allows five (5) unstickered bags or bundles per week Apr 4th – Oct 14th. Fall collection from Oct. 17th –Dec 16th allows ten (10) unstickered bags or bundles per week at the curbside for collection. Food scraps are NOT permitted with base subscription program. (See below for Composting/Food Scrap subscription information.) 

Seasonal Collections

Free Spring Bag/Bundle Collection 
On the third landscape waste collection day in April, Groot will collect from each household, five unstickered landscape waste bags or bundles.

Fall Leaves 2:1 Program October 17 - December 16 
October 17th through December 16th, residents need only place 1 sticker for every 2 bags of leaves set out for collection. Stickers are sold at 15 area merchant locations. Stickers are also available at Village Hall & the Arlington Heights Senior Center.

Holiday Tree Collection: January 3 - January 13 
Holiday trees will be collected on your solid waste collection day from January 3rd through January 13th. Landscape waste stickers are not necessary. Plastic bags and all decorations must be removed from  trees.

Holiday Garlands & Wreaths
These will be disposed of as refuse. No sticker is required. All decorations must be removed from garlands & wreaths. 

Composting/Food Scrap Subscription

Arlington Heights residents may participate in food waste
composting by subscribing to the new 95 ($170.03/season) or 65 gallon (154.01/season), with a season running April 4 - December 16th. 

Food scraps include fruits, vegetables, bread/grains, pasta, cereal, dairy (no liquids), coffee grounds & tea leaves. 

Food scraps should NOT include: teabags & coffee filters, meat, poultry or seafood (no shells or bones), paper products (paper towels, plates, napkins, egg cartons, pizza boxes), diapers, pet litter, waste, liquids, grease, or oil.