Roofing Permit Information

Roofing Permit Information
Posted on 01/25/2022

To help protect residents and property owners from poor roofing workmanship, the Village of Arlington Heights has re-implemented requirements related to roofing permits. Illinois law requires all roofing and waterproofing work to be performed by state licensed roofing contractors, except for when a property owner is performing their own work on their own personal property, or when an employee is conducting work on an employer’s property.

Prior to 2020, the Village had a previous roofing permit in place. The new roofing permit is not intended to serve as a Village inspection of work, but instead creates a record of the roofer who performed the work, so that they may be held accountable under the State code if poor workmanship is later found. Additionally, new flat-rate fees that are well below the prior average have been implemented. 
Roofing Permit Costs: Commercial
The average reroofing fee for commercial, institutional, and multi-family type projects from 2018 – 2019 was $673.00 per permit. The new flat-rate fee required by the Village is $125.00 for commercial permits, plus the plan examination fee of $70.00. 
Roofing Permit Costs: Residential
The average fee for each residential roofing permit from 2018-2019 was $106.97. The new flat-rate permit charge of $75.00 for residential reroofing permits, and $25 for residential garage reroofing, is required.

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