2019 Street Resurfacing Program

Street Resurfacing Program & Sidewalk Program
Posted on 05/20/2019

7.5 miles of Village streets will be resurfaced this summer after the Village Board's recent approval of a $4,063,486.25 contract to Arrow Road Construction for the 2019 Street Resurfacing Program and Sidewalk Program. Concrete panel replacement will also be completed on Waterman Ave (Rand Rd to Olive St), Olive St (Waterman Ave to Dale Ave), and on Dale Ave (Olive St to Oakton St).

Streets selected for this program are in the beginning stages of deterioration. This maintenance program is intended to extend the life of the street. Intermittent curb and sidewalk are removed and replaced, and the street is milled and resurfaced. 

Residents living on streets scheduled for Street Resurfacing will be mailed construction notices in advance of any activity. Once work begins, construction will take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete. Please review map of scheduled work as well as locations of sidewalk work.

Street   Limits
Burkitt Pl Terramere Ave to Ridge Ave
Cherry Ln (east)  Burke to cul-de-sac
Cherry Ln (west) Burke to cul-de-sac
Chestnut Ave. & Kingsbury Dr. Walnut Ave to Ridge Ave
Crabtree Dr. Waverly Dr to Brighton Pl
Crestwood Dr Burke to cul-de-sac
Douglas Ave Miner St to Euclid Ave
Drury Ln Wilshire Ln to Stratford Rd
Dwyer Ave Kirchoff Rd to Grove St
Forrest Ln Robinhood Ln to Palatine Frontage Rd
Haddow Ave & Suffield Rd Hintz Rd to Douglas Ave
Hawthorne St Haddow Ave to Dryden Ave
Hickory Ave Maude Ave to Thomas St
Hickory Ave  Suffield Dr to cul-de-sac
Kingsley Dr Ridge Ave to Kennicott Ave
Maude Ave Douglas Ave to Beverly Ave
Mayfair Rd Wilshire Ln to Gibbons Ave
Michael Manor Ln Waterman Ave to cul-de-sac
Michael Manor Ln Waterman Ave to Rolling Ln
Mitchell Ave Berkley Dr to Burr Oak Dr
Oakton St Dryden Ave to Forrest Ln
Reuter Dr Grove St to Sigwalt St
Ridge Ave Palatine Frontage to dead end
Ridge Ave Nichols Rd to north of Burkitt
Robinhood Ln Waterman Ave to Stratford Rd
Stratford Rd Euclid Ave to Miner St
Stratford Rd Kensington Rd to Grove St
Suffield Dr Douglas Ave to Bradford Dr
Terramere Ave Kennicott Ave to Kingsley Dr
Thorntree Terrace Crabtree Dr to cul-de-sac
Walnut Ave Chestnut Ave to Kingsbury Dr
Walnut Ave Kingsley Dr to Foxdale Ln
Waverly Dr Bradford Dr to Brighton Pl
Willow St Dunton Ave to Walnut Ave
Wilshire Ln Mayfair Rd to Grove St
Yale Ave Palatine Rd to cul-de-sac
Waterman Ave  Rand Rd to 215 ft north of Rand Rd
Olive St
at Dale Ave (intersection)

Street (Concrete) Limits
 Waterman Ave 215 ft north of Rand Rd to Olive St
 Olive St Waterman Ave to Dale Ave
 Dale Ave Olive St to Camp McDonald Rd