DEI Report Discussed February 22

Findings of DEI Report Discussed February 22
Posted on 02/17/2021
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The Village Board will be discussing the findings and recommendations of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) report and consider adopting a DEI position statement at its Committee of the Whole meeting held at 7 p.m., February 22. Residents can review the DEI Report here.

The purpose of this meeting is for the Village Board to discuss the findings and recommendations of the report with the consultants and to provide direction on how to continue the Village’s broader efforts on diversity, equity and inclusion. In addition, the Board will consider the adoption of the consultant’s draft position statement at the next Village Board meeting. Residents can join the virtual Committee of the Whole meeting by following these virtual meeting instructions

The Kaleidoscope group was hired by the Village in 2020 in an effort to meet one of the Village Board’s Strategic Priorities of “Find new ways to embrace diversity within the Community and Village Government.” The role of the consultants was to do an audit and review of the Village’s current policies and programs in terms of DEI.

This study is focused on the Village Government as an employer and as a service provider. It was not designed to address the broader issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the community at large. While those issues should be addressed, the goal of this study was the focus on the areas over which the Village has the most control. This report is just one part of the Village’s broader effort to address DEI issues within the community and organization.

The firm conducted employee surveys, employee and resident focus groups, interviews, a town hall style listening session, and a review of current policies and practices over the past several weeks.