Evergreen Avenue Pedestrian Project

Project Update: Evergreen Avenue Pedestrian Project
Posted on 08/19/2021
Evergreen Construction 2021

Update: August 31, 2021
The Evergreen Avenue Pedestrian Project will begin the week of September 6th, after Labor Day Weekend. Construction was originally scheduled to begin the week of August 30th, but was adjusted due to a delay in a local roofing project being conducted by a private contractor.  

About the Project
This project is a part of the Village’s 2021 Resurfacing Program. A full road closure will be in place for approximately two to three weeks, and the overall project is scheduled to be completed within four to six weeks.  See Project Map

The project will include curb bump-outs at the north east corner of Sigwalt St. and Evergreen Ave., and resurfacing of the road. Additionally, a mid-block pedestrian crosswalk will be constructed which will include curb bump-outs, a brick crosswalk, and pedestrian push buttons with flashing signs.

The construction of the mid-block pedestrian improvements will require a full road closure at the proposed crosswalk. The local access to all driveways and garages will remain. The driveway entrances north of the crosswalk will still be accessible from Campbell St. The driveway and garage entrance south of the crosswalk will be accessible from Sigwalt St. Please see the map for the proposed road closures. If you have any questions, please contact the Project Engineer Aldair Vargas at 847-368-5254 or [email protected]