First Responders Help Flooded Communities

First Responders Help Out Flood-Ravaged Communities
Posted on 06/14/2019
Boat carrying passengers

Arlington Heights first responders are always ready to assist Village residents, as well as render aid to another community in dire need of immediate assistance. The Village is very proud of Firefighter Jim Stempien and Police Officers Anthony Padiyara and James Kryca who recently assisted communities in southern Illinois that were devastated by widespread flooding.

Arlington Heights Firefighter Jim Stempien recently spent over a week on the Illinois Task Force 1 Team that responded to Hardin, IL, located in southern Illinois between the Illinois and Mississippi rivers. As part of the team, he was asked to search homes by boat and ground, assist EMS and police crews, and help with patient transports, food delivery, sandbagging, supply runs, and well-being checks.  The team also participated in clearing trees and other debris to allow boats easier travel to the evacuation routes.

As part of their roles on specialized task forces, Police Officers Padiyara and Kryca were sent to southern Illinois to assist in public safety efforts. Officer Anthony Padiyara is assigned to the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS) and Officer Kryca is a member of the Northern Illinois Police Alarm System (NIPAS).

Officer Padiyara, who recently returned from the flood-ravaged areas of southern Illinois, was part of a team that assisted with water rescue and evacuation duties.

As a member of NIPAS, Officer Kryca is assigned to a levy checkpoint in Monroe County to maintain order and reduce the possibility of looting. He is expected to return from southern Illinois on June 17.

The Village takes great pride in the efforts and assistance provided by our first responders to residents of the communities devastated by flooded conditions.