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Posted on 08/07/2019
Arlington Alert program

The Village of Arlington Heights is dedicated to keeping the public safe and informed about events that impact their lives. In partnership with Northwest Central Dispatch, the Village can efficiently and directly send messages to residents on the devices of their choice through Arlington Alert, also known as Everbridge Emergency Communication. 

Arlington Alert lets you sign up to receive emergency and community messages through a preferred method of communication. You can choose to receive Arlington Alert via your cell phone, work phone, home phone, text message, e-mail or more. You can also choose the locations you want to be contacted about, which enables you to receive notifications about emergencies that may affect your home, your parents’ home, your workplace or your child’s school – or any other location of interest and importance to you – as long as those locations are within the boundaries of the Village of Arlington Heights.

Types of Notifications
Arlington Alert enables the Village to relay timely and important information to residents in a variety of methods. The system is used to communicate two types of messages: Community Notifications and Public Safety.

Community Notifications
Community notifications are meant to notify residents about events or projects that may temporarily impact their day-to-day routine but do not impact health or safety. The Village will contact individuals with this type of information only if they choose to receive this type of news.

Below are the community notification categories the Village of Arlington Heights is making available:

  • Garbage Pick Up Delays- Information about weather or holiday related garbage pick up delays.

  • Water Utility Outages – Information about scheduled outages of any duration and unplanned outages anticipated to be twelve or more hours in duration or impacting a large segment of the Village.

  • Special Event Alerts – Information about major and minor special events occurring in the Village of Arlington Heights, including dates, times, locations, street closures, parking lot closures and other important event information.

  • Winter Operations – Information on snow removal operations in the Village, including plowing operations and anticipated snowfall as well as reminders about the Village’s interactive snow plowing map.

Upon registration and sign-in with the system, individuals can select which Community Notification categories, if any, they would like to receive. 

Public Safety Notifications
In the event of an emergency, the Village will contact individuals or groups in a certain area that have the potential to be affected by an emergency situation. Emergency notifications are used in a situation that has an effect, or may have an effect, on a certain number of people involving immediate or pending threats to public safety or property and where immediate notification is necessary. Emergency notifications can be sent Villagewide at any time of day or night if circumstances of the event dictate this type of widespread notification to be necessary.

Police and Fire officials will send Emergency Alerts about imminent threats to safety and health such as critical police activity, fires, gas leaks, floods, etc. In order to receive these types of alerts, one must sign up for Arlington Alert. Please click here to sign up.

Please note: The Village of Arlington Heights is not using Arlington Alert as a watch or warning system for potentially threatening weather-related events. In the event that inclement weather creates any hazards or situations that affect Village services, the system would be used to notify individuals of those affected services such as major road closures and utility outages. The Village encourages residents and businesses to proactively seek out weather-related information from official channels such as the National Weather Service or their preferred local media outlet. It is a best practice to have a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio at your residence or place of business that broadcasts official Weather Service warnings, watches, forecasts and other hazard information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To sign up for Arlington Alert, please click here.