Keeping Sidewalks Clear of Snow

Please Keep All Sidewalks Clear of Snow
Posted on 12/20/2018
Shoveling snow from a sidewalk

The Village encourages residents and businesses to be good neighbors and to keep sidewalks clear of snow throughout the winter. 

The Village does not have an ordinance requiring snow removal from sidewalks and requests residents and businesses to keep sidewalks passable, especially where a sidewalk intersects with a crosswalk. Your neighbors, visitors and shoppers appreciate your efforts in keeping sidewalks passable!  

The Village’s snow removal crews do clear over 7 miles of sidewalks around public parking lots, on selected pedestrian routes leading to the Downtown train station, and around Village-owned buildings. 

Additionally, other crews are called out to salt and plow Village-owned parking lots at locations such as the Police station, four Fire stations, Senior Center, and the commuter parking lots.  

Please click here for more information and helpful reminders regarding the Village's snow removal operations.