Pedestrian Signals Kirchoff Rd.

Flashing Beacon Pedestrian Crossing on Kirchoff Rd
Posted on 08/13/2021
Flashing Beacon Kirchoff Rd

The Village is pleased to announce the installation of new, solar powered Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) at the intersection of Kirchhoff Road and Dwyer Ave., near Sunset Meadows Park. 

Pedestrians and bicyclists can activate the flashing beacons by pushing the buttons on the posts. When activated, the beacons will flash, providing a higher level of notification to drivers on Kirchhoff Road of the presence of someone crossing the street. Motorists are reminded that State law requires vehicles to come to a complete stop for pedestrians and bicyclists in all crosswalks. Pedestrians and bicyclists are reminded to still cross the street with caution and to wait until traffic comes to a complete stop before crossing Kirchhoff Road.

Kirchhoff Road is under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).  The previous pedestrian/bicycle crossing signage and striping was installed in 2015 at the Village’s request when IDOT resurfaced Kirchhoff Road and was the preferred treatment at that time.  In 2019, IDOT issued new guidelines for enhanced treatments of uncontrolled crossings that would allow the installation of RRFB’s at this intersection. In response to these updated guidelines, the Village took action and submitted a plan and permit application to IDOT to install the RRFBs which IDOT approved. 

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