Renewable Energy Electric Aggregation Program

Electric Aggregation Program with MC Squared
Posted on 10/13/2020
Wind Farm 2020

Residents and small businesses should be receiving letters as of October 14 regarding the Village's Electric Aggregation Program offered through Chicago-based MC Squared Energy Services, the Village’s new electric aggregation supplier for the Renewable/Green Aggregation program. The electric aggregation program, which was approved in Arlington Heights via a 2012 referendum, enables the Village to procure electric supply in bulk from an alternative green energy supplier that residents, businesses, and municipal accounts can utilize instead of getting electric power from Com Ed or another alternative supplier.

Those enrolled in the Renewable/Green Aggregation program will be informed via a letter from MC Squared Energy Services. When enrolled in the Village’s electric aggregation program, users will not notice any change in service or billing, which will still be managed by Com Ed. Also, those enrolled will never pay more than the Com Ed rate for electricity. The Village only seeks an electric aggregation supplier whenever pricing for green energy is favorable to the Com Ed rate.

Program Benefits 

  • ComEd continues to bill all customers, even those enrolled with MC Squared
  • 100% of power consumed will be “green” energy produced by Midwest located wind generation facilities
  • Guaranteed to be charged the ComEd rate, with no risk of paying more than ComEd
  • No hidden fees, no additional monthly fee
  • Maximum flexibility to join or leave the program, and never an enrollment or switch fee
  • Supplier provides a Civic Grant /reserve fund to the Village at no increased cost to the rate payer

Message from the Village Manager on Electric Aggregation

Village Manager Randy Recklaus discussed the Electric Aggregation Program with the Village Board at the Monday, October 19th Village Board Meeting. 


MC Squared is the only green energy provider endorsed by the Village of Arlington Heights. No one from MC Squared, ComEd, or the Village will ever visit your home or call you to enroll. If a solicitor claims to be the Village supplier, MC Squared, or ComEd, please take their information and report the incident to the ICC.

Letters from the Village and MC Squared

If you received this letter, you are enrolled. 

If you received one of the following letters, you are NOT enrolled...

After you've received a notification of enrollment, you will also receive a confirmation letter from ComEd .

If enrolled in the new green energy program, customers will begin receiving electricity from the MC Squared Energy Services supplier starting with the December 2020 meter-reading cycles through December 2023. The new program also provides Renewable Energy Certificates (“RECs”) for the entire Village at no added costs. The “RECs” enable the Village to fund green energy projects for the benefit of the community.

If residents and small businesses enrolled in the green energy program wish to opt out, please contact MC Squared Energy Services by November 3 or you can drop the program at any time without an additional charge.

Opting Out of the Program

If you wish to opt out of this program, please contact MC Squared Energy Services:
  • Email MC Squared at [email protected]
  • Call 833-748-0914, Mon-Fri, 8am to 5pm
  • Return the postage-prepaid card included in your opt out notice (If you received no opt out card, your account will not be automatically enrolled, and you need take no action to opt out)

Who Should I Call with Specific Village Questions or Comments?

Please contact Sharon Durling of NIMEC. The village is a member of the Northern Illinois Municipal Electric Collaborative (NIMEC). NIMEC is a collaborative of 140 municipalities that band together to drive down pricing for residential and municipal electricity. Sharon can be reached at 847-607-1804 or [email protected]

For more information and a FAQ, please click here to refer to our page on Electric Aggregation.