Smoke Alarms

Reminder to Replace your Smoke Alarm Battery
Posted on 11/06/2017
Replacing your Smoke Alarm battery

In case you forgot to change your batteries along with a clocks, here is a friendly reminder.  Recently the National Fire Protection association reported that 71% of smoke alarms failed to operate due to missing, disconnected or dead batteries.

If you are a resident who does not have the ability to change the batteries, you may call the Fire Department at 847-368-5450 for assistance.

This program is part of “The Katie Project” a community initiative that started following a devastating fire, which killed three women inside a home where there was an inoperable smoke detector. This initiative is named after former Village Trustee Joe Farwell’s cousin who died in a home fire in the 1970’s before it was commonplace to have smoke detectors in homes.  We want to keep our residents safe, so remember – “Change Your Clock, Change Your Batteries too!”