Snow Removal Operations

Information on Village's Snow Removal Operations
Posted on 12/21/2020
Snow-covered roads

By understanding and reviewing the Village’s snow and ice removal operations, residents will know how to manage winter’s worst weather!

Snow Removal Operations
In general, when snow accumulations are two inches or less, Public Works crews will apply a salt/liquid deicer mixture to the road that prevents ice from bonding to the pavement. The salt is pre-wetted with a liquid blend consisting of salt brine, liquid calcium chloride and sugar beet juice. This liquid blend allows crews to use less rock salt while achieving improved snow-melting performance. The process saves money by using less salt while also using eco-friendly material. 

When snow accumulations exceed three inches, the front-mounted plows are used to move the snow off streets and onto parkways. Plows will first clear the arterial and collector streets. Trucks will make two opening passes on all streets, then return later to plow the full width of the street to the curb. To find out more information on our snow removal operations and useful tips to help you whenever snow falls, click here.

To navigate the tighter areas of the Village’s 300 cul-de-sacs, which are divided into 10 zones, small pick-up trucks or 1-ton dump trucks with a plow are used. These zones are plowed after snow reaches 3 inches in depth. 

Not all streets passing through Arlington Heights are maintained by the Village. Before placing a call regarding snow removal, please check our snow jurisdiction map. To report a problem on a street that may have missed being plowed, please call the Arlington Heights Snow Command at 847.368.5834

Keeping Your Driveway Clear 
Unfortunately, snow will be pushed into driveways by the plow trucks during a snow and ice event. There are a few tips you can use when clearing snow from your driveway.

removal of snow from drivewayShovel snow in the direction of traffic, and try to make a pocket on the opposite side of the driveway, as shown in the adjacent graphic. By doing so, snow that is plowed will be dumped into that pocket and not back on your driveway.

It’s also advisable to wait to clear your driveway until after plows have made their last pass and plowed the full width of the street. 

Keeping Sidewalks Clear
The Village encourages residents and businesses to be good neighbors and to keep sidewalks clear of snow throughout the winter. The Village does not have an ordinance requiring snow removal from sidewalks and requests residents and businesses to keep sidewalks passable, especially where a sidewalk intersects with a crosswalk. Your neighbors, visitors and shoppers appreciate your efforts in keeping sidewalks passable!  

For residents unable to keep their sidewalks clear, the Village has a Snow Shoveling Referral program for seniors over 60 and residents with disabilities. Teens interested in participating in this program will be paid by those registered for the service. Teens interested should complete this online form.   Also, residents should consider contacting a landscaper or snow removal service for assistance when there is an abundance of snow at the end of your driveway.

The Village’s snow removal crews clear over 7 miles of sidewalks around public parking lots, on selected pedestrian routes leading to the Downtown train station, and around Village-owned buildings. Additionally, a crew salts and plows Village-owned lots at Village Hall, the Police station, four Fire stations, the Senior Center, and commuter parking lots.