Streets Selected for Construction Programs

Streets Listed for 2018 Road Improvements
Posted on 05/08/2018

Road construction season will soon get under way in Arlington Heights after the Village Board's May 7th approval of contracts for the Street Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Program as well as the Resurfacing & Sidewalk Program

A contract in the amount of $4.15 million was awarded to J.A. Johnson Paving Company for 3.18 miles of streets included in the 2018 MFT  (motor fuel tax) Street Reconstruction Program.  This work is being funded by the Village’s share of the State’s Motor Fuel Taxes (MFT) and General Funds for Capital Improvements. 

Six miles of streets in the Village will be part of the 2018 Resurfacing Program after a contract was award by the Village Board to Arrow Road Construction in the amount of $3.77 million.

Residents living on streets slated for the Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Program will receive hand-delivered notices of when construction is beginning on their street. Residents living within the project limits will receive updates on various phases of the road reconstruction project.  Additionally, you can sign up to receive last-minute updates/ schedule changes for this project by signing up for email updates on this program.

We recognize this work is disruptive to your neighborhood, therefore please take the time to review general information about this Reconstruction & Rehabilitation as well as Resurfacing work on our Construction 411 page.

Streets for Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Program:

Street  From To  Type of Construction
W Alleghany  Dr  N. Verde Dr N Kennicott Dr. Reconstruction
N Brighton Pl   E Crabtree Ln E.Suffield Drive Reconstruction
N Burke Drive 230' N Side of Appletree Lane E. Ivy Lane Reconstruction
W Catino St  S Kaspar S Ridge Ave Reconstruction
S Chestnut St W Cedar St W White Oak St Reconstruction
E Crabtree Dre N Brighton Pl N Windsor Dr Reconstruction
W Cypress  St S Ridge Ave S Chestnut Ave Widen w/Reconstruction
N Elizabeth Dr N Kennicott Ave W Alexandria St Reconstruction
S Kennicott Ave W Algonquin Rd S Harvard Ave Reconstruction
Lillian Ave N Highland Ct 240' W of N Arl Hts Rd Reconstruction
S Lincoln Ave E Fairview St E Mayfair Rd  Widen w/Rehabilitation
E Lynden Lane S Bristol Ln E Mayfair Ln Widen w/Rehabilitation
W Maple Street S Salem Ave  S Ridge Ave Reconstruction
N Mitchell Ave W Oakton St W Clarendon St Widen w/Rehabilitation
S Mitchell Ave W Cedar St W White Oak St Reconstruction
S Newbury Pl  S Banbury Rd E Rockwell St Widen w/Rehabilitation
W Raleigh Ct  N Raleigh St Cul-De-Sac Reconstruction
N Ridge Ave W Ladd St 200' South Half New Street/ Half Grind and Overlay
W Rockwell St   S Salem Ave S Ridge Ave Reconstruction
W Shirra Court N Raleigh St Cul - De- Sac Reconstruction
E Valley Lane N Burke Dr. N. Dryden Pl Reconstruction

Street Resurfacing Program
Streets selected for this program are in the beginning stages of deterioration. This maintenance program is intended to extend the life of the street. Intermittent curb and sidewalk are removed and replaced, and the street is milled and resurfaced. Residents living on streets scheduled for Street Resurfacing will be mailed construction notices in advance of any activity. Once work begins, construction will take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete.

Streets Listed for Resurfacing Program:

  Street Limits
1  Brighton Pl Miner St north to dead end
2  Brook Dr Clearbrook Dr to cul-de-sac
3 Burning Tree Ln Buffalo Grove Rd to cul-de-sac
4  Burning Tree Ln Vista Rd to cul-de-sac
5 Burr Oak Dr Highland Ave to Arlington Heights Rd
6 Clearbrook Dr Algonquin Rd south to cul-de-sac
7 Derbyshire Ln Miner St to Euclid Ave
Dryden Ave Oakton St to Euclid Ave
Dryden Ave Miner St to Euclid Ave
10  Emerson St Belmont St to dead end
11  Galesburg Court Nichols Rd to cul-de-sac
12 Galena Court Nichols Rd to cul-de-sac
13  Lynwood Ave Yale Ave to Harvard Ave
14 Miner St Rammer Ave to Evanston Ave
15 Miner St Rammer Ave to Waterman Ave
16 Nichols Rd Wilke Rd west to Village limits
17 Pine Ct  Oakton St to the north cul-de-sac
18 Prindle Ave Crabtree Dr to cul-de-sac
19 Prindle Ave Kensington Rd to Gregory St
20 Salt Creek Ln Rohlwing Rd to Euclid Ave
21 Spring Ridge Rd Nichols Rd to Nichols Rd
22 St James St Dryden Ave to Derbyshire Ave
23 Vail Ave South St to Sigwalt St
24  Vista Rd  Burr Oak Dr to Hintz Rd
25 Windsor Dr Dryden Ave south to cul-de-sac
26  Windsor Dr  Kensington Rd to Miner St
27 Yale Ave Thomas St to Lynwood Ave
28  Campbell St Windsor Dr to the west
29  Burning Tree Ln  at Buffalo Grove Rd