Vehicle Stickers on Display by January 1, 2022

Vehicle Stickers on Display by January 1, 2022
Posted on 12/27/2021

Annually, residents are required to purchase vehicle stickers and dog tags by January 1st. A $10 late fee per license is assessed after the January 1st due date.

Stickers must be displayed on the passenger-side of the front windshield of all vehicles by January 1 to avoid penalties. 

A passenger car vehicle sticker price is $30 annually if purchased by January 1st. This price increases to $40 if purchased after January 1st and $60 if purchased after March 1st. These prices are adjusted for seniors and disabled residents. 

A dog tag purchased by January 1st is $12, and after January 1st is increased to $22. 

See the full list of tag fees and increases after January 1st in the bottom right portion of the Village's Vehicle and Dog License Application Form

If you would like to purchase your vehicle or dog license online you will need a credit card and all the information required on the Vehicle Stickers & Dog Tags Application. You can purchase on-line through the State Treasurer’s E-Pay website. No additional service charges will be assessed on this transaction.

Stickers and tags will be mailed to you.