Village Board's 2022-2023 Strategic Priorities

Village Board Approves Strategic Priorities for 2022-2023
Posted on 08/24/2021

Every two years the Village Board develops a list of Strategic Priorities. These priorities are created after a series of meetings where each department outlines their current challenges. After these meetings, the Board conducts an open ended discussion of each department’s perspectives, as well as their own.

On Monday, August 16, 2021, the Village Board approved the following Strategic Priorities for 2022-2023:

  1. Facilitate a Balanced and Continuous Community and Organizational Post-COVID-19 Recovery 
  2. Expand Efforts to Embrace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within the Community and the Village Government 
  3. Work to Ensure the Redevelopment of Arlington Park Meets Community Standards and Provides a One of a Kind Regional Destination Worthy of the Property’s Legacy
  4. Identify, Explore, and Implement Sustainable and Green Initiatives 
  5. Ensure Revenue Sources are applied rationally across sectors while Monitoring the Overall Community Tax Burden
  6. Ensure that the Organization has the Resources and Training to Maintain Focus on Consistent High-Quality Core Services and Infrastructure
  7. Seek Opportunities to make the Community more Livable by increasing Pedestrian and Bicycle Options for Residents
  8. Improve Communications with Residents and Businesses
  9. Seek and Maintain Attainable Housing while Continuing to Review Affordable Housing Strategies 

These priorities will be used to help develop each department’s goals for the next two years and will guide decision making on the budget. Later this year, all departments will work together to develop a Business Plan, which will include specific projects to address each priority.