Electric Aggregation

Electric Aggregation

Program Overview

    Following the passage of a March 2012 voter referendum, the Village contracted to procure electric supply in bulk for residents and small business owners. This aggregation program ended in May 2017 when bid pricing was unfavorable in comparison with the ComEd rate. In December of 2019, the Village returned to Green Aggregation when the pricing model became favorable once again; it equaled the current ComEd rates. The Village will not seek a program that will financially burden residents. 

    Because pricing for Green Energy is again favorable to the ComEd rate, the Village recently contracted with Chicago-based MC Squared Energy Services (mc2) for a community aggregation program that will begin with the December 2020 meter-reading cycles and run through December 2023. At the September 21, 2020 Village Board Meeting, the Village Board approved the proposal from MC Squared to establish a Renewable Energy Aggregation program for a 36 month term, which will provide for the Village to receive 100% RECs for the program term and a Civic Contribution in the amount of $450,000 to be applied towards green projects in the Village at no cost to the residents or the VillageThe new program provides Renewable Energy Certificates (“RECs”) representing power consumption of all ratepayers that are a part of the program, to include those served by MC Squared Energy Services and those served by ComEd default supply, all at no added cost. A Renewable Energy Certificate, or “REC” represents the property rights to environmental attributes of renewable electricity generation; the EPA states “If you buy the REC, you are now the owner of that green power.”

    The cost of serving each electric account varies greatly. Some ratepayer accounts will be switched to ComEd because the cost of generation for the usage profile exceeds the ComEd rate. Others will be switched to the new supplier, MC Squared Energy Services, which is headquartered in Chicago. All will pay exactly the same ComEd rate for zero rate risk, including ComEd’s monthly variable PEA component. Renewal and non-renewal notices will be mailed to residents and small business owners on March 18, 2022. ComEd will continue to supply the power. Participants will continue to be billed by ComEd. 

    Ratepayers receiving an opt out notice will automatically be enrolled with MC Squared and will pay exactly the ComEd rate, including the monthly variable PEA, unless they choose to opt out by November 3.  If they do not opt out, they will receive a Confirmation of Switch notice from ComEd in mid-November confirming their new supplier, MC Squared. Many ratepayers will receive an informative notice about the program, however they will not be participating in the program.

    Program Benefits

    • 100% of power consumed will be “green” energy produced by Midwest located wind generation facilities as represented in Renewable Energy Certificates to be retired on behalf of the Village residents
    • Guaranteed to be charged the ComEd rate, with no risk of paying more than ComEd
    • No hidden fees, no additional monthly fee
    • Maximum flexibility to join or leave the program, and never an enrollment or switch fee
    • Supplier provides a Civic Grant /reserve fund to the Village at no increased cost

    Message from the Village Manager on Electric Aggregation

    Please click here to watch and listen to Village Manager Randy Recklaus discuss the Electric Aggregation Program with the Village Board at the Village Board Meeting on October 19, 2020


    MC Squared is the only green energy provider endorsed by the Village of Arlington Heights. No one from MC Squared, ComEd, or the Village will ever visit your home or call you to enroll. If a solicitor claims to be the Village supplier, MC Squared, or ComEd, please take their information and report the incident to the ICC

    Letters from the Village and MC Squared

    If you received this letter, you are enrolled. 

    If you received one of the following letters, you are NOT enrolled...
    General Letter (1)
    General Letter (2)
    Hourly Customer 
    Net Metering Customer

    After you've received a notification of enrollment, you will also receive a confirmation letter from ComEd . 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I participate in this program?
    During the initial three-week opt out period you need do nothing if you received an opt out notice; you will automatically be enrolled unless you opt out. If you received an informative notice, your supply will remain with ComEd, and will not be switched to MC Squared, however you are still considered a program participant with 100% of your consumption offset by “green” energy generated in the Midwest.

    I have switched to a private electric supplier (RES). Can I participate?
    Yes. Call MC Squared at 833-748-0914 and provide them with your ComEd account number. If you are enrolled with an alternative supplier that is not the Village’s program, you are advised to review your contract, or call your supplier to understand any termination fees to which you may be subject. You may also email MC Squared with your questions at [email protected].

    Any ratepayer who may be enrolled with another supplier in an individual contract may take action to enroll by clicking here.
    Promo Code: Arlington Heights

    What is ComEd’s current rate?
    The current annualized base ComEd rate is 9.766¢ per kWh, plus or minus the monthly Purchased Electricity Adjustment (PEA), which can be up to one-half cent. For more information, visit www.pluginillinois.org. This is subject to change per ComEd. To discover the current month’s effective rate, including the current month’s PEA, visit www.ilagg.com/the-comed-rate

    Will I get two bills: ComEd and MC Squared?
    No. ComEd continues to bill for electric supply, delivery and taxes. ComEd delivers electricity, and will continue to bill you, but they no longer supply it. 

    Can I leave the program at anytime?
    Yes. You will never be charged a termination fee. If you wish to leave the program please contact Sharon Durling of NIMEC at 312-750-2202 and [email protected] .

    Please Note State Regulations: If you move from the program back to ComEd for longer than two months, your account is placed in a “bundled hold” status, and you may not return to the Arlington Heights program until a full six months has passed.

    I am enrolled in a low-income assistance program. Will I still be able to utilize those benefits?
    If you currently receive assistance via PIPP or LIHEAP, your status will not be affected.

    Will this affect my budget billing or auto-payment plan?
    No. The way you pay your ComEd bill does not change.

    Is this a “green” energy source?
    Yes. RECs, the sole currency of the green energy market, will represent 100% of power consumed and will be sourced from wind and hydro generation facilities located in the Midwest.

    How does this affect ComEd’s Hourly Pricing Program?
    The Village's program does not change or effect your current ComEd Hourly Pricing agreement or your current Net Metering agreement.  You will not be moved to the mc2 program.  

    Who should I call with specific Village questions or comments?
    Please contact Sharon Durling of NIMEC. The village is a member of the Northern Illinois Municipal Electric Collaborative (NIMEC) and Illinois Aggregation Consultants (ILAGG) NIMEC is a collaborative of 140 municipalities that band together to drive down pricing for residential and municipal electricity. Sharon can be reached at 312.751.2202 or  [email protected] . 

    How can I contact MC Squared directly?
    MC Squared
    [email protected]

    Opting Out of the Program

    If you wish to opt out of this program, please contact MC Squared Energy Services:

    • Email MC Squared at [email protected]
    • Call 833-748-0914, Mon -Fri, 8am to 5pm
    • Return the postage-prepaid card included in your opt out notice (If you received no opt out card, your account will not be automatically enrolled, and you need take no action to opt out)