Arlington Heights Rebranding Project

About the Village's Rebranding Project 

As part of the Village Board’s 2018-2019 Strategic Priorities, staff was tasked to “Evaluate the Village of Arlington Heights Identity and Brand in the Community and Region."  Per the Board’s request, research was conducted and presented to the Committee of the Whole (COW) on August 13, 2018. 

Vendor Selection
Over 20 Chicago area communities and organizations were analyzed for the costs of rebranding, and the public reaction to their efforts.  The scope was of the project was later expanded to review the opportunity to unify the Village’s various logos. 

In 2019, Village staff sent out a request for proposals (RFP) to 14 local marketing firms. Responses were reviewed and staff recommended the selection of Arlington Heights-based Springboard Brand & Creative Strategy as the consultant to partner with the Village to conduct this rebranding effort.  The decision to recommend Springboard was a combination of company experience, staff time dedicated to the project, and proposed costs which were very competitive when compared to recent rebranding efforts by other communities in the Chicago metro area.

New Village Logo 
Throughout the auditing process associated with the Rebranding Project, it was discovered that a series of mismatched logos were being used for Village business in various ways and locations. It was determined that the Village would need to explore concepts for one, cohesive logo that could be use to represent the Village of Arlington Heights. Additionally, the Village seal included a design that utilized the letter A, which had been modified to look like a horse's head, in honor of the Arlington Park Racetrack. Due to the closing of the racetrack in 2021, and the Village's desire to develop its distinct visual identity, separate from that of an independent business, the Village is pursuing one cohesive Village logo as part of the Rebranding Project. 

COVID-19 Related Delays 
The contract between the Village and Springboard was approved in early 2020.  Due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rebranding project was temporarily halted while staff time and resources were focused on providing assistance to Arlington Heights residents and businesses.  The rebranding campaign was resumed in the fall of 2021, and Springboard provided a project update to the Committee of the Whole in April 2022.  

Rebranding Project Updates

November 2022 Update
As contracted with the Village, Springboard will produce a new Village logo, a series of advertisements, and a new marketing tagline to potentially replace “Discover Arlington” (not “City of Good Neighbors”). 

The new logo would replace the Village’s current seal/logo featuring a capital “A” in the shape of the head of a thoroughbred horse. The Village Board will be considering the final logo design proposals in early 2023. 


Community Engagement Focus Groups
The Village has sought out the input of residents and business owners, by hosting a variety of upcoming community engagement focus groups. Results of the focus groups will be considered as part of the project.