Downtown Construction Projects

This website page will include updates on the Nicor Gas Main Replacement project and the Downtown Combined Area Sewer project, along with other smaller projects planned for the Downtown during the 2019 construction season. 

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Update for Installation of Downtown Sewer, July 17 - 20

The installation work on the Downtown Sewer Project continues. Please follow all detour signs in the area of the construction zone to safely get to your destination. Also, the Vail Garage, located on Vail Ave. just north of Sigwalt St., offers convenient parking for downtown visitors. If you would like updates on this project emailed to you, please sign up for our email updates.

Informational Update for July 17 - 20:

See map for July 17 - 20 road closures and detours.
See map for July 18 -19 road closures and detours – Sigwalt Street east of Arlington Heights Rd.
• Work will continue on Campbell Street between Ridge Ave. and Mitchell Ave. replacing individual house water service lines. The Village and the contractor will work with homeowners to schedule this work. Traffic for Campbell St. will be detoured to Sigwalt St. Local traffic will be allowed.
• Concrete sidewalk and curb restoration, along with brick paver restoration, will continue on Campbell St. between Chestnut Ave. and Dunton Ave. Most of this work can be done without full street closures. The restoration of the brick crosswalk on Campbell St. just east of Vail Ave. requires a full closure of Campbell between Vail Ave. and Dunton Ave. 
• Late in the week, a trench drain will be installed along the curb at the driveway west of Vail Ave. on Campbell Street. This is the last sewer to be installed on Campbell Street.
• Additional dust control measures are being implemented this week in an effort to help with the dust. Also, the sumps in the new catch basins have been filled with water and all the traps have been installed, which will eliminate the sewer gas smell.
• Beginning Thursday, July 18, the main sewer crew will start the work on Sigwalt Street east of Arlington Heights Road. This is a short sewer connection and should be completed in 2 days. Sigwalt Street between Arlington Heights Road and Pine Avenue will be closed to all traffic. Please follow the detour route as noted on the attached map.

Outlook for July 22 - 27:
See map for July 22 -23 road closures and detours – Evergreen Ave. north of Sigwalt St.

• The main sewer crew will start work on Evergreen Avenue north of Sigwalt Street. This short sewer connection should be completed in 2 days. Evergreen Avenue between Sigwalt St. and Campbell St. will be closed to through traffic, with local traffic allowed.

• Access to the Evergreen Avenue Underground Garage will be from the north. Take Campbell Street to Evergreen Ave. and turn south.
• Asphalt pavement restoration is scheduled to take place on Chestnut Avenue between Campbell and Wing. A full road closure will be required to complete this work. Closures and detours will be signed.
• Asphalt pavement restoration is also scheduled to take place on Campbell Street between Ridge Ave. and Dunton Ave. A full road closure will be required to complete this work. Through traffic for Campbell St. will be detoured to Sigwalt St. Local traffic will be allowed.
• A map of road closures and detours will be provided as the schedule is finalized.

The project goal is to complete the sewer work and pavement restoration on Campbell St., east of Chestnut Ave. through to the east of Vail Ave., before August 1 to allow for the setup of the Mane Event and the Taste of Arlington Heights.

Thank you for your understanding and continued patience as we make progress on these important construction projects.


If you have any questions please use our Arlington@Work online form and select “Downtown Construction Question” to expedite your concern, or call the on-site Project Engineer Jim Doleshal, of Burns McDonnell, at 913.226.5317.

Overview of Downtown Sewer Project

The Village’s drainage improvement project planned for the Downtown started construction with pavement saw cutting on Monday, May 20th. The project includes the installation of a new public storm sewer on Chestnut Avenue, between Campbell and Wing, and the replacement of sewers on Campbell Street and Sigwalt Street, between Ridge Avenue and Vail Avenue, with larger sewers. 

The Campbell/Sigwalt/Vail (Downtown) Combined Area Sewer Project is one of the highest priority projects resulting from flood studies performed in 2015. Nearly half of the $3,649,582 proposed cost of the project will be covered by a $1.8 million grant from the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD). 

The new and upgraded sewers will provide some relief from basement backups during heavy storms for residents of approximately 250 homes in the area bounded by Ridge Avenue to the west, Wing Street to the north, Arlington Heights Road to the east and George Street to the south. The project will also address street and structure flooding on Campbell Street, west of Vail Avenue. Please review the Downtown Sewer Construction map.

On Tuesday, May 28, work is scheduled at the intersection of Wing and Chestnut for the connection of the new 48" sewer to the existing 72" sewer under Wing Street. Work will then continue south on Chestnut to Campbell Street. Construction of this stretch is anticipated to take a week, depending on weather. The intersection of Wing and Chestnut will be closed for two days while the new manhole is being constructed. Once at Campbell, work will progress toward Vail, then work will progress west toward Ridge.

Water main work is also scheduled to begin during the week of May 28th at the intersection of Campbell Street and Highland Avenue.

Thru-traffic will be restricted during the day and some driveways may be inaccessible for the short time work is occurring directly in front of them. It is anticipated that driveways will be made accessible every evening after work hours. Notification will be provided prior to any road or driveway closures. Parking along the construction zones will also be restricted. Downtown businesses are asked to contact Jim Doleshal, Resident Engineer of Burns & McDonnell, at or 913.226.5317 to coordinate business deliveries.

Although the improvements will provide a better level of service, the improvements will not eliminate the possibility of future basement backups. Residents without overhead sewers are still encouraged to learn about the Village's Overhead Sewer Rebate Program.

The site of the recently approved Arlington 425 project, the empty block of property in the Downtown along Campbell Street, will be the staging site for the construction equipment used in this project. 

Please use our Arlington@Work online citizen request form regarding any concerns with the Downtown construction projects. Arlington@Work helps the Village handle your concerns expeditiously.

Downtown Construction Updates - Nicor project
Overview of Downtown Sewer Project

The Village's key Downtown construction project is the installation of larger combined sewer mains in the southern portion of the Downtown (south of Northwest Highway). This project is one of the top recommended stormwater control projects for the Village that will be funded through the stormwater utility fee and grant funding. A significant portion of the  estimated of $2,085,000 million cost of the project will be covered by a Metropolitan Water Reclamation District grant the Village has received.  

The Downtown sewer project is a key infrastructure improvement identified by flood studies performed between 2013-2016. Projects identified by the studies were prioritized based on funding availability and how many residents would benefit from the project. All of the recommended improvements outlined from the studies are part of the Village’s Capital Improvement Program. 

The Downtown sewer project area is roughly bounded on the west by Ridge Avenue, on the north by Wing Street, on the east by Arlington Heights Road, and on the south by Sigwalt Street. This project in the Downtown will involve installation of larger diameter pipes to convey storm water. Please review the proposed route of the Downtown Sewer Project This project is expected to take 12 weeks to complete, weather depending.

When completed, the larger sewer mains should help mitigate against basement backups for up to 250 homes in this area and reduce frequent street flooding on Campbell. 

Other Downtown Improvement Projects for 2019

NICOR Gas Main Replacement

Nicor is also proposing to install new gas mains in the public rights of way that will connect to the front of buildings throughout Downtown. This work is tentatively scheduled to occur between April and November. The Village is discussing options with NICOR regarding their installation plans, construction staging and schedules for this work.  Map of NICOR's Main Replacement proposed project. Although the majority of the work will be done through trenchless technology, open bore pits are needed at the ends of each run. These pits will either be filled or have a plate covering the pit at the end of each day for pedestrian use.

Northwest Highway Resurfacing & ADA Improvements
IDOT plans to resurface Northwest Highway from Dunton Avenue to the eastern Village limits. This project includes upgrading sidewalks at Northwest Highway intersections in the Downtown to be ADA compliant. The project is tentatively scheduled to begin May 1. At this time, the completion date is tentative.  Please review a map of Northwest Highway Resurfacing & Sidewalk Improvements.

Mid-block Crosswalks
The Village will create two mid-block crosswalks at Dunton and Evergreen in the Downtown area south of Northwest Highway. Work on these crosswalks will be coordinated with the installation of the Downtown combined sewer main. Please see the map for the Dunton Crosswalk and the Evergreen Crosswalk.

Brick-Paver Replacement on Sidewalk Areas
In addition to the sewer project, the Village also plans to schedule work of replacing sections of the brick-paver sidewalks in the Downtown area north of Northwest Highway. This work, estimated to cost $807,000, is tentatively planned for the fall of this year. Please see the proposed areas of brick-paver replacement.

Updates and timelines of all of the projects listed above can be found on this website page, on the Village's Facebook, Twitter and through Downtown Construction emails that will be sent regularly to all who are interested the progress of the projects and their impacts on Downtown travel. Please sign-up for the Downtown Construction Updates now.