South Arlington Heights Road Corridor

Map of South Arlington CooridorThe Village Board approved an ordinance setting a public hearing date for the South Arlington Heights Road Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Redevelopment Plan at its February 17, 2020 meeting. Staff has been directed to move forward on next steps for the proposed TIF District, which includes a 65-acre area along Arlington Heights Road from the tollway interchange north to Noyes Street. A public hearing on the TIF proposal will be held at 7:30 p.m., April 15 at Village Hall.

The South Arlington Heights Road Corridor Plan, completed in 2018, outlines the Village’s vision and strategies for improvements to this important Gateway to the Village. In adopting the 2015 Comprehensive Plan for the Village, this gateway was identified by the Board as a priority corridor to improve upon the many existing positive qualities that the corridor offers while improving the gateway through beautification, redevelopment, walkability, and by establishing an identity for the area.

The 1.2 mile long corridor begins at the southern border of the Village at the Jane Adams Tollway extending north to Noyes Street. The corridor consists of various commercial uses including 7 hotels with close to 1,000 rooms, which serve as an economic engine for the corridor. Unique to the corridor is the Mitsuwa Marketplace at Algonquin Road, which provides a marketplace for Japanese foods and retail items. In addition, the area is served by a full access interchange at I-90 and Arlington Heights Road, providing great access to the corridor. 

The Plan establishes recommendations to address current conditions and implement improvements to the corridor as the primary Gateway to the Village.  If you have any questions on the plan, please email the Planning and Community Development Department.