Future Plans

The Village of Arlington Heights is planning for the future of the Village’s Senior Center. After reviewing 12 responses to a Village-issued Request for Proposals, the Village selected BKV Group and its project partners to consult with the Village on this project.

The Senior Center, at its current location, was planned and then opened nearly 25 years ago. The objective of this project is to evaluate the space utilization and programming at the Senior Center and plan for adjustments that will be of benefit to our community’s current senior residents to make the Senior Center relevant for upcoming senior generations or residents. 

Throughout this process, input from the citizens of the Village of Arlington Heights and stakeholders in the Senior Center will be sought and is very important to this process. Information, including announcements concerning public events, will be provided and updated at this location on the Village’s website as this project advances. 


The Village of Arlington Heights is undertaking and evaluation and cost feasibility study for the Arlington Heights Senior Center. This facility is the next in the series of updating and modernizing our municipal buildings in order to serve our community.

A wide variety of senior services are provided through the Senior Center. These services include recreational; fitness; meals on wheels; daily luncheon program; case management by non-profit tenant agencies; elder abuse intervention; information and referral; and program and assistance such as a Senior Health Insurance Program, Tax Counseling, senior advocacy, health screening, transportation, and volunteer
opportunities for 400+ volunteers. 

The Senior Center is owned by the Village of Arlington Heights and managed under the Department Health and Human Services. The Arlington Heights Senior Center is designed to be a one-stop-shop for many senior needs. The Senior Center houses seven organizations that provide programs and services under the Senior Center’s roof: Arlington Heights Memorial Library; Arlington Heights Park District; Arlington Heights Nurses’ Club Lending Closet; Catholic Charities Northwest Senior Services; Catholic Charities Community Development and Outreach Services; Northwest Community Hospital; and Connections to Care. 

The Senior Center was founded in 1982 by the Village of Arlington Heights and operated out of the retired Park School. Upon completion of its 1996 Senior Citizens Needs Assessment, the Senior Citizens Commission recommended in its Five-Year Plan that the Village plan for future Senior Center including the needs for additional space, parking, and amenities.  

In 1998, the current Senior Center at 1801 W Central Road was opened. The Senior Center was accredited most recently in February 2021 by the National Institute of Senior Centers.


The purpose of this feasibility study is to develop a programmatic and building/site strategy for the Arlington Heights Senior Center’s based on analyzing the needs and desires of current customers, best practices, and future trends of senior centers in in order to maintain the Senior Center as an active, attractive, and relevant community asset. The evaluation is intended to determine Senior Center modifications needed in order for this community asset to continue to be relevant to future generations and their changing requirements.

In September 2020, the Village issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to identify a consultant for this project. The specific scope of work can be found in the RFP. 


The Village received twelve responses to its RFP for the Senior Center Evaluation and Feasibility Study. Village Staff evaluated the responses and conducted interviews of finalists. On March 1, 2021, the Village Board selected as the Village’s consultant the BKV Group, in partnership with Lifespan Design Studio (a specialist in senior center programming needs across the country) and Jill Jackson Ledford who provides leadership and whose specialties are senior center design and community partnerships. Lifespan Design Studio have completed over 75 Senior Center Planning & Design Projects and Jill Jackson Ledford has conducted over 21 Senior Center Planning Needs Assessments. The consultant agreement with BKV Group, Lifespan Design Studio and Jill Jackson Ledford is in the amount of $58,000.

Major Tasks

Task 1 Base Drawings & Facilities Condition Assessment 
Task 2 Project Visioning
Task 3 Facility Programming    
Task 4 Facility Tour
Task 5 Conceptual Design
Task 6 Final Report and Presentations

Events and Updates

June 2022: Senior Center Space Utilization, Modernization and Programming plan Summary Report was accepted by the Village Board

September 2020: Village released project Request for Proposals.

March 1, 2021: Village Board selected BKV Group as the study consultant.

July 27, 2021 at 10 AM: Ms. Jackson-Ledford presented an informational session on the wide variety of senior centers and programs across the country, followed by questions/feedback from the public. To review the recording of this presentation, please click here. We are interested in your thoughts/feedback. Please email Senior Center Manager, Tracey Colagrossi at [email protected] with your ideas  

August 2021: Feedback from the stakeholders and the July presentation were used to create a community survey.

September 2021: Update to the Committee of the Whole including a Memorandum and Senior Center Modernization Presentation

January 2022: Below items are from the Committee of the Whole Meeting, January 10, 2022.