Village's Electric Vehicle Fleet

Village of Arlington Heights Commits to Green Initiatives with Use of New Electric Vehicles
As part of the Village of Arlington Heights' commitment to exploring green initiatives that are both fiscally and environmentally responsible, Electric Utility Vehicles, or EUVs, have been added to the Village's fleet of electric vehicles.

Building & Life Safety Introduces EVs to Fleet
The Village's Building & Life Safety Department introduced a Chevrolet Bolt Electric Utility Vehicle to its fleet in 2023. The Village’s utilization of the Chevrolet Bolt EV for inspections is part of the village’s quest of Achieving Sustainable Development. Each gas-powered vehicle that is replaced by an EUV will save approximately 4.6 tons of carbon exhaust from being emitted into the local atmosphere. Additionally, the EUV will have no fuel cost, no oil changes, and offers a longer brake life, resulting in an estimated 25% savings in operating costs yearly, or approximately $5-7,000 of savings over the 12-year expected lifecycle of the vehicle. The new EUV will be charged at Village Hall and will be able to travel 238 miles, once fully charged. On average, Village inspectors spend 6-7 hours per day performing in-field inspections, making sure that buildings and new construction are safe for the community. In 2022, the Village’s nine Building & Life Safety Inspectors performed 13,068 inspections, and traveled 40,124 miles, using 2,605 gallons of fuel. 

The purchase of this vehicle was funded through the Village’s Vehicle Replacement Program. Additionally, the Federal Electric Vehicle Tax Credit provides local governments with direct payments for each EV, up to $7,500 for vehicles under 14,000 pounds, and up to $40,000 for all other vehicles.

EV Chargers in Vail Street Garage 
In addition to fleet modifications, the Village offers of four EV charging stations in the Vail Avenue Parking Garage. Efforts to expand EV charging stations will be ongoing.