Village Beautification Projects

Urban design and landscape beautification projects encompass corridor enhancements, signage program for the Village, on-going landscape design for Village properties. Coordination of urban design and beautification projects are required with other Village Departments such as Public Works and Engineering. Coordination efforts for projects include streetscape improvements, budget and estimation, concept development, design phase and construction phase. The Department is responsible for the preparation of design development and construction documents, specifications and contract administration for urban design projects. The beautification projects are:

  • Landscape medians for North Arlington Heights Road
  • Gateway Signage Program
  • Banners for downtown as north south connectors
  • Kiosks for downtown
  • Triangular Plaza
  • Bike Shelter
  • Study of Underpass improvements for connectivity
  • South Arlington Heights Road Corridor
  • Decorative Light Poles for the downtown
  • Decorative street pole banners

The Village Arts Commission, which promotes arts within the community, established a program for local artists to participate in exhibiting their art in a rotating exhibit at the Village Hall. The Arts Commission efforts include: 

  • Fourth of July Decorative Object Competition
  • Village Hall Art
  • Artist Outreach Effort
  • Arlington Artists on Display
  • Sculpture Walk