Block Party Request

Your Community Block Party Event Resource Center

To host a block party in your neighborhood, please complete the Block Party Request form, as found on our Download Permits & Applications, Licenses & Guides page, or pick up a form from the Public Works Department, located at 222 N. Ridge Avenue.  We want you to have a fun, safe and successful block party!  Please take time to carefully review this information. Once your request has been reviewed and approved, you will receive a written confirmation. 

Submittal Requirements

  • Block Party Request Form 
  • A two-week notice is required for Block Parties
  • Any rides and/or rental equipment that is provided by another source require a completed Indemnification Form (contained within the Block Party Request form).  You are required to notify the agency that you are renting from to provide a copy of their Certificate of Liability Insurance for the minimum of $2 million to the Public Works Department

Request Form Submittal Information

  • Organizers are required to notify all neighbors affected by the road closure/s of the date and time of the Block Party

How/Where to Submit Request Form

  • Email Cris Papierniak, Assistant Director of Public Works
  • Fax to the attention of Cris Papierniak to 847.577.5930
  • Mail to the attention of Cris Papierniak to:
    Arlington Heights Public Works Department
    222 N. Ridge Avenue
    Arlington Heights, IL  60005