Join the AHMRC

Thank you for considering registering with the Arlington Heights Medical Reserve Corps (AHMRC). Welcome! We thank you for your community spirit and interest in serving. You will be a valuable part of the emergency and disaster response in our community. 

Medical Reserve Corps Online Application

Our corps of volunteers will be recruited from all levels of the licensed healthcare industry. These levels will include: doctors, nurses, EMT’s, pharmacists, pharmacy techs, dentists, dental techs, therapists, veterinarians, mental health practitioners, and environmental health specialists. Completing an MRC orientation is a required aspect of volunteer involvement. This straightforward and informative course will prepare you for your volunteer service, should your skills be needed in an emergency. Once you have completed the course you must proceed by taking the short orientation quiz. This quiz is required to assure that you have an understanding of the material you just reviewed and that you are ready to join the AHMRC. 

When you submit your quiz you will receive an e-mail response with your score. You are required to receive a 70% or better to pass. If you do not pass on the first try simply review the material and take the course again. As mentioned, our goal with the quiz is to assure that you have a basic understanding of our MRC program. 

When you have successfully passed the quiz your next step will be to fill out the Volunteer Application and mail it or drop it off at the Arlington Heights Health Services Department. When the application has been processed you will receive a letter or e-mail from the Arlington Heights Health Services Department. You will be asked to visit the Arlington Heights Senior Center where you will have the opportunity to ask any additional questions you may have regarding our MRC. Then you will be asked to take the oath required by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act of 2002. You will also have your AHMRC Photo ID taken at this time. The AHMRC ID card will be kept by the Arlington Heights Health Services department and distributed at the time of an emergency. When the Arlington Heights Health Services Department has verified that you have satisfactorily completed the aforementioned requirements, you will then receive an AHMRC Member Certificate in the mail that we hope you display proudly! 

Depending on the level of participation desired which you selected on the Volunteer application; you will then receive information on training opportunities and other activities planned by the AHMRC. Thank you again for considering joining the AHMRC team. 

We appreciate you taking the time to review these materials regarding our program. Remember, heroes aren’t born, they volunteer! If you would like to join our MRC team, please proceed by taking the Orientation available on this page. Please take as much time as you would like to review the materials and when you are ready, you can take the required quiz at the end of Module 7. If you have questions concerning our MRC, please contact the Health Services Department at 847.368.5760.