Village Board's Strategic Priorities

Summary of Strategic Priorities

Every two years the Village Board meets to discuss the current challenges facing the community and to determine its Strategic Priorities for the Village. Identified priorities will serve as the guiding principles for the development the Village Staff’s biannual business plan and for the annual budget process. 

Strategic Priorities 2022 - 2023

On Monday, August 16, 2021, the Village Board approved the below Strategic Priorities for 2022-2023. 

  • Facilitate a balanced and continuous community and organization, post-COVID-19 recovery 
  • Expand efforts to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion within the community and the Village Government 
  • Work to ensure the redevelopment of Arlington Park meets community standards and provides a one-of-a-kind regional destination, worthy of the property’s legacy
  • Identify, explore, and implement sustainable and green initiatives 
  • Ensure revenue sources are applied rationally across sectors while monitoring the overall community tax burden
  • Ensure that organization has the resources and training to maintain focus on consistent high-quality core services and infrastructure
  • Seek opportunities to make the community more livable by increasing pedestrian and bicycle options for residents
  • Improve communications with residents and businesses
  • Seek and maintain attainable housing while continuing to review affordable housing strategies 


Strategic Priorities 2020-2021

1.  Identify, Explore, Enhance Revenue Sources While Monitoring Taxes

  • Identify potential new revenues not currently being utilized by the Village to offset State of Illinois actions and reduce the need for future property tax increases
  • Find ways to grow current revenues by facilitating additional activity in growth sectors of the economy

2.  Review and Update Village Affordable Housing Strategy and Regulations

  • Develop a clear policy and plan for affordable housing in the Village
  • Create educational materials for the public and development community on Affordable Housing
  • Communicate how housing funds with be utilized

3.  Continue Improving Building and Life Safety Processes and Customer Service

  • Identify specific opportunities for process and communications improvement
  • Identify strategies to support the further enhancement of the Building and Life Safety Department’s capabilities

4.  Increase Efficiencies throughout Village Processes and Procedures

  • Evaluate service provision for efficiencies
  • Eliminate redundant or ineffective procedures to ensure staff time is spent on adding value and productive endeavors

5.  Enhance Business Development Efforts

  • Increase Marketing and Recruiting of Businesses
  • Encourage experiential businesses to develop in the Village
  • Address development opportunities throughout the Village, particularly in the Southtown and Uptown areas
  • Improve Village Gateways
  • Evaluate a Southtown entertainment district

6.  Explore New Sustainability Initiatives

  • Explore an Electric Car Charger policy/program for public and private locations
  • Improve walkability for pedestrians
  • Enhance bike friendly initiatives
  • Evaluate recycling challenges

7.  Continue with Infrastructure Improvement Efforts

  • Evaluate infrastructure to ensure proper investments are being made

8.  Review Impact of Changes to Cannabis Laws

9.  Find New Ways to Embrace Diversity within the Community and Village Government