Village Board's Strategic Priorities

Summary of Strategic Priorities, 2018 -19

These priorities and sub-priorities reflect the views of the Village Board identified at a previous Village Board goal setting session. 

Explore new revenue sources to fund Village Service

Identify potential new revenues not currently being utilized by the Village to offset State of Illinois actions and flattening sales tax revenues.

Find ways to grow current revenues by facilitating additional activity in growth sectors of the economy.

Improve Building and Life Safety Processes and Customer Service

Identify specific opportunities for process and communications improvement in the Building and Life Safety Department.

Identify and Implement Best Practices in those areas.

Enhance Village Code Enforcement Efforts.

Increase opportunities for feedback from the business community.

Review and Update Village Business Development and Recruitment Strategy

Identify and analyze new uses and business types that have the most potential for long term growth.

Align Village recruitment and retention efforts and zoning to target growth uses.

Increase  organizational flexibility to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities.

Update strategy for implementation of TIF 4 Redevelopment Project Area based on evolving economic conditions.

Review and Update Village Housing Regulations and Strategy

Analyze demographic trends to determine if current housing mix and regulations will continue to support Arlington Heights’ population in the future.

Adjust housing strategy to meet emerging needs.

Ensure that current construction regulations support sustainable neighborhood growth and effective storm water management.

Continue Infrastructure Improvement Efforts

Increase Efficiencies in Service Provision

Explore ways to reduce Village expenditures in light of flattening revenues

Strengthen use of technology to increase organizational effectiveness and reduce operational costs

Evaluate the Village of Arlington Heights Identity and Brand in the Community and Region