Village Clerk

  • Location Village Hall | Floor 1
  • Telephone 847.368.5540
  • Email
  • Hours 8am-5pm Weekdays

The Village Clerk administers elections, registers voters, issues business licenses, authors Village Board minutes, ensures access to Village records and fulfills ceremonial/official responsibilities. The Village Clerk acts as the compliance officer for Federal, State and local statutes such as the Public Records Act.  

Birth Certificates
Birth certificates can be obtained through the Cook County Clerk's office at  
Duties of the Village Clerk

The Village Clerk's Office is responsible for the following duties: 

  • The Village Clerk attends all Board Meetings, records proceedings and is responsible for the Minutes from these Meetings.  
  • Maintenance of Extensive Historical Files and research of documents with the Village Clerk’s Information Center database that contains documents from the 1800’s.  
  • Maintain Index of the Village Board Minutes, all legal documents and Recording necessary documents with Cook County.  
  • Administration Oaths of Office to firefighters, policemen and members of Boards and Commissions.  
  • Preparation and distribution of notification to proper authorities with regard to Annexations.  
  • Preparation and distribution of the Calendar for Board of Trustee Meetings.  
  • Filing of the Treasurer’s Report and Tax Levy and Abatements with Cook County.  
  • Responsible for Ethics Statements for all Appointed and Elected Officials.  
  • Municipal Code questions and historical research.  
  • All Minutes, Ordinances, Resolutions and Agreements are stored as a permanent record in a fire-proof Vault.  
  • Elections Duties: Village Clerk prepares and accepts Nominating Petitions, conducts Lottery for placement on the ballot and Certification of the ballot to Cook County.  The Village Clerk is a Deputy Voter Registrar.


Hard Copies of the Municipal Code

The Code is updated with amendments approved by the Village Board of Trustees on a quarterly basis. Hard copies of the following Code chapters can be purchased at the Finance Department Front Counter:

  • Chapter 11: Food & Food Establishments | $2.00
  • Chapter 23: Building Regulations | $25.00.  Additional $5 fee for amendments
  • Chapter 24: Plumbing Regulations | $8.00
  • Chapter 25: Electricity Regulations | $17.00
  • Chapter 27: Fire Regulations | $4.00
  • Chapter 28: Zoning Regulations | $40.00
  • Chapter 29: Subdivision Control Regulations | $5.00
  • Chapter 30: Sign Regulations | $5.00
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